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King of Fighters
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To be the best you have to beat the best! Choose your champion then fight it out against really tough opponents. Get ready to rumble!


Choose English and click Enter to start.
The first player uses the WASD keys to move.
For different punches, use the keys U and J.
The I and K keys are used for kick attacks.
You can also use the J key to confirm choices.
Press the L key to dodge.
The O key is used for special attacks
The second player uses the arrow keys to move.
The keys 4 and 1 are used to attack with the fist.
Use the 5 and 2 keys for kicks.
Use the 1 key to confirm choices.
Use the 3 key to dodge and the 6 key for special attack.
You can play this game against the computer, against a friend, or just a spectator.
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King of Fighters King of Fighters

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